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About Me : Aslan Saputra

Name : Aslan Saputra
Address : Banda Aceh, Lampriet Asrama Phb Jln. Kowera II No. 467.
Birthday : Langsa, 26 October 1992
Hobby : Playing Basketball, Create comic, Design Graphic, Create Cartoon, Swimming and Muzic.
University : Information and Computer Manajemen High School
Best Word : Let's be the best what do you want!
Ambition : Be the best Author and the best "Art Maker"
Email : aslan.saputra@gmail.com
Website : www.eliteword.co.cc
FB : Aslan Saputra
Twitter : AslanSaputra

Hi, This is me. Im Moslem. I'm Indonesian. I live in Aceh. I so glad cause i can share all of my story in this blog. I hope that will be helpful to make our live happiness. Enjoy read this blog and never forget to leave your comment :) . I'm Promise i will visited your blog soon :)

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